Wildlife in the forest

Newt taken by Andrew Wakefield

From newts and lizards to fallow deer and buzzards the forest is home to thousands of different wild creatures that are all dependent on keeping the natural balance of their own ecosystems and the wider forest at large in check.


Female orange-tip taken by Christian Moss

Every season brings something new to the forest however spring and summer are undoubtedly the best seasons to see the vast array of wildlife to be found.


Frogs taken by Andrew Wakefield

Our impact on these creatures is huge, The conservators and City of London staff along with local and national special interest groups work tirelessly to protect and conserve their natural habitat and support them in being able to exist and thrive alongside and nearby a sprawling urban metropolis.


Heron taken by Andrew Wakefield

Much like the heron sitting patiently above you have to remember that the forest is not a country park or a zoo. It is a wild ancient woodland and for you to be able to see its natural wonders you have to wait and watch and you will be rewarded.