Forest Cottage

People often stumble accidentally on a derelict house in the woods at Chingford Hatch by following a rough track through the forest called Newgate Street, at the end of Chingdale Avenue near the Friday Hill roubdabout. It can also be found by exploring smaller tracks off of the main pathway along the River Ching going…
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Latton Priory

Situated in the centre of what is now Latton Priory Farm at the furthest edge of the Uplands beyond the source of Cobbins Brook & south west of the M11 Hastingwood interchange is Latton Priory, an incredible surviver from a bygone era. I had researched this site and seen pictures but never been there in…
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Harlow To Woodford

This is one one of the longest walks & also one of my favourite. It has a very personal feel to me because the walk starts on the edge of the fields i played in as a child next to the water tower on Rye Hill Road on the outskirts of Harlow. This walk will…
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Epping Green To Roydon

Making the best of the weather, this week you get 2 for the price of one. From Epping Green i walk west down the slopes of Nazeing Common toward the Stort Valley through Broadly Common, Tylers Cross & down through Roydon to the River Stort, then returnin along the Stort Valley Way taking in the…
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The Essex Way From Ongar To Epping, And On To Woodford.

I had been wanting to do this walk for some time to compare it with other walks i was more familiar with and summer 2019 i finally got to do it. It wasn’t a route i had ever tried before and the possibility of getting lost was all part of the excitement for me of…
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Epping Uplands And The War.

It wouldn’t be unusual to stumble across the odd wartime military pillbox while walking along the bridleways and footpaths of the Uplands & Lea Valley but the role these hills played in the war efforts all too often is left untold, and deserves a mention. Through the summer months i spent some time following public…
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Exploring the far reaches of the Uplands.

At the far reaches of the Uplands are a number of hidden gems tucked away in the fields & hillsides and the old village at Upper Nazeing is one of them. So, a tour of Upper Nazeing was long overdue and the weather was on my side. From Epping Green descending west down Nazeing Common…
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Have we really got to pick a pocket or two….?

The city of London is “Sui generis”,  of its own kind or unique. Spanning the centuries and tests of time the Corporation is certainly special and part of the very fabric of London. It enjoys and benefits from this unique status and cherishes its ancient traditions, intriguing customs and mysterious guilds. It relies heavily on…
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Epping forest act

Here is a link to the Epping forest act. There are subsequent amendments to this act which you have to remember to check and view it with the amendments    1878-Epping-Forest-Act-1-1