Membership The Epping Forest forum

Membership consists of different levels of membership:

Forum member and Voting member.

Forum Member: The forum membership to our main social network group is free and open to anyone who wishes to join in the interests of wider debate, representation and views of Epping Forest and its surrounding areas. There are a few basic rules:

Keep it clean, we class this as a family appropriate forum

Facebook has an audience that is below the age of 18 and this isn’t an adults only group

No Politics or religion.

We are open to all so therefore we have adopted this to enable everyone to debate without having division on these two subjects that can create animosity.Sometimes it is impossible to not mention something without these subjects so in that instance it must be relevant, factual and with no bias.

Be respectful to others.

We aim to keep discussions open without any hostility to one and all.

No advertising

unless it is for charity or community events there are many other sites for that. Advertising will mean you are removed from the group unless the admin approves it under theri discresion.

Epping Forest forum as a collective and its individual members including Administrators are not responsible for any of the information which is posted in the Forum No member incurs liability for the group collective as an individual as each person’s post or comment is personal opinion and expression. Be aware that opinions which are expressed are those of the users of the Forum, and do not represent any advice, or opinion of The Epping Forest Forum as a group or any other group. Any recommendation or other information within the Forum which is followed by you is at your own risk.

Voting Member:

Epping Forest forum charity exists as a constituted body to enable the forum to carry out its aims. This has a voting membership that anyone can apply to join at a small fee. This will enable a voting member to have their say in the main aims and management of the group by way of having the right to a vote at group meetings. if you wish to find out about this please contact