Cattle of Epping Forest

Long Horn Cattle picture by Andrew Wakefield

For nearly a thousand years people have been grazing cattle on Epping Forest. It is part of the commoner rights to be able to do so. Currently the only breed of cattle being grazed on the forest and they are English Long Horn (Pictured above and below) up until recently you would have also found Red poll

Long Horn out for a stroll Picture by Jamie Hinks

During the summer months you may well bump into cattle in the forest and the Long Horn can be mistaken as a bull. They look formidable but are really quite docile creatures. However as with all animals they need their space and they are best left alone and viewed from a distance. It is imperative that you keep your dogs under control in the forest especially when near herds of cattle

Garden Cow by Karen Humpage

Many people who have lived in and around the forest for a long time will remember the days before the invisible fencing when cattle used to take themselves for a walk around our towns and villages. It was a common sight to see cows wandering up your road and munching on flowers in peoples front gardens. A local artist Karen Humpage has produced some excellent artwork and even produced a book called the common or garden cow based around this unusual event and has exhibited her work in Lopping Hall.