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Fruits of the forest

The forest has an abundance of natural fruits and berries. However it is illegal to pick them. Over recent years foraging and mushroom picking has become a big issue which has a detrimental affect on the natural environment of the forest. Not limited to the obvious fly agaric pictured above there are some more lethal…
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The deer of Epping Forest are an “ornament to be preserved” within the Epping Forest Act. They are a much loved addition to the forest in the general public’s eyes. Deer were introduced into the forest for Royal hunting and have not just survived but thrived because of the natural habitat and protection. The types…
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The forest

Epping Forest is an ancient forest that has been afforded protection by the Epping Forest Act since 1878.   It is a long, relatively narrow strip of woodland that stretches from Forest Gate in East London out past Epping in Essex. Varying landscapes from steep wooded valleys to flat open plains is what helps make…
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