Car Parks in Epping Forest

Car Parks in Epping Forest

Following the easement of COVID-19 lock-down restrictions some car parks in Epping Forest will be re-opened on Thursday 14th May.

These will be some of the double gated car parks in popular areas of the northern parts of the forest but not all of them.

Southern forest car parks remain closed

The Pillow mounds car parks at the centre of High Beech will have the road blocks removed on Thursday morning as well meaning the main car park along the centre of High Beech will be open but subject to the usual forest bye-laws and these will be enforced. There is no parking allowed on forest land between an hour after sunset and an hour before sunrise. These parking spaces are on forest land. The road is subject to parking restrictions.

Bury road car park, Connaught Waters, Genesis slade, The double gated car park along Golding’s Hill, Honey Lane, Jacks Hill south, Knighton Woods will all be opened.

Jacks Hill North, The Stubble’s, Earls path, Wake Valley, Mount Pleasant, Fairmead road (Original Tea Hut) and other single gated car parks will remain closed until further notice.

The areas surrounding these car parks will still be subject to the verge parking rules and tickets issued for verge parking.

Double gated car parks can be easily controlled and closed if needed whilst allowing people to still exit. Single gated car parks can not be and are vulnerable to fly tipping which has increased during the lock down. This will remain the case at least until such times as waste disposal facilities are open again and there is confidence that the pressure on these car parks has eased.

It must be stressed that all these car parks can be closed if they become inundated and people do have to remember that social distancing rules apply within the forest especially car parks and busy areas. em here

*Please remember to respect the forest and take litter home with you*

*Please be mindful of other forest users when using the car parks*