The Fourth Schedule: Regulations as to the Letting out of Animals and Carriages and as to standing places for the same, to which Byelaw 3(23) applies

1. Every person desirous of letting out any animal for riding or of letting out any animal with a cart or carriage for driving, shall apply for a licence for such purpose to the Superintendent who, if he is satisfied that the applicant is a suitable person, may grant the licence. Any licence so granted shall not be transferable.

2. Such licence will specify the purpose for which it is granted, the position in which the animals are to stand and the number of animals and will be granted on payment of a fee not exceeding £5 for the licence and of a weekly charge not exceeding £1 for each horse and pony and 50p for any other animal included in such licence.

3. The licence will be granted only during the pleasure of the Conservators who may revoke the same at any time upon notice to the licensee and the Superintendent may revoke it forthwith in the event of drunkenness, quarrelling, fighting, cheating, swearing, cruelty to the animals by excessive use or otherwise or breach of any of the byelaws of the Forest on the part of the licensee.

4. The licence will only be available for the year in which it is granted and will expire on the 31st December in that year.

5. Every licensee and every person employed by him in the Forest will be supplied with a badge which shall be worn on the left arm so that its number may be clearly seen.

6. Such badge shall not be lent to or used by any other person and must be returned to the Superintendent within 24 hours after the expiration of the licence.​