The Third Schedule: Regulations as to Camping, to which Byelaw 3(22) applies

1. All persons desiring to camp in the Forest must apply to the Superintendent for a licence to do so, who if he is satisfied that the applicant is a suitable person, may grant the licence.

2. The number of persons who may be included on any one licence shall not exceed ten.

3. The licence will only be granted for a period not exceeding three consecutive nights.

4. The persons making use of the licence shall obey the instructions of the Superintendent or the Forest Keepers as to the site of the camp.

5. The site of the camp shall be kept clean and tidy during the encampment and at the termination thereof rubbish of every kind shall be removed and the site left to the satisfaction of the Superintendent or the Forest Keepers.

6. The licence will be granted only during the pleasure of the Conservators and the Superintendent may remove it at any time for drunkenness, quarrelling, fighting, cheating, swearing, noisy or disorderly dancing or breach of any of the byelaws of the Forest on the part of any person using the licence.

7. The following charges shall be paid in advance to the Superintendent or the Forest Keeper when arranging the site, who will give a receipt therefor, viz:

Individuals or parties not exceeding six in number – 50p per night

And for every additional person up to ten in number – 5p per head per night.​