The Second Schedule: Regulations as to the erection of Booths, Stands, etc to which Byelaw 3(31) applies

1. All persons desiring to erect any post, rail, fence, tent, booth, stand, shooting-gallery, show, roundabout or swing or to affix any sticks or poles for playing any games for which money is taken, shall apply to the Superintendent for a licence for the purpose, who, if he is satisfied that the applicant is a suitable person, may grant the licence. Any licence so granted shall not be transferable.

2. There shall be three classes of licence, namely, “ordinary”, “special holiday” and “daily”.

3. The ordinary licence will only be available for the year in which it is granted, except on Bank Holidays and will expire on the 31st December in that year.

4. The special holiday licence will be available for seven days only, including the day on which such licence is granted.

5. The daily licence will be valid only for the day in respect of which it is issued.

6. The licence will specify the place where the booth, stand or other erection is to be put up and will be granted in the case of an ordinary licence on a payment of a fee not exceeding £10 for the licence and of a weekly payment not exceeding £10 during the time the erection remains and in the case of a special holiday licence, on payment of a sum to be fixed by the Superintendent in each case, having regard to the space of land covered by the erection, such sum to include the payment for the week during which the erection remains and in the case of a daily licence on payment of a sum not exceeding £5.

7. The licence will be granted only during the pleasure of the Conservators and the Superintendent may revoke it at any time if used at any other than the specified place or in the event of drunkenness, quarrelling, fighting, cheating, swearing, noisy or disorderly dancing or breach of any of the byelaws of the Forest on the part of the licensee