​The First Schedule: Regulations relating to Power-Driven Model Aircraft to which Byelaw 3(9) applies – see also additional Byelaw

Application for Permit

1. If any person wishes to fly any power-driven model aircraft (hereinafter in this Schedule referred to as “the aircraft”) he shall

(a) Make written application to the Superintendent for a permit authorising him to fly the aircraft (hereinafter in this Schedule referred to as “the permit”); and

(b) produce a valid certificate of membership of a Club which is approved by the Conservators (hereinafter in this Schedule referred to as “the said approved club”) and which holds a policy of Insurance indemnifying its members against claims by a third party, including an indemnity in respect of any liability of the Conservators to the extent of £250,000, in respect of any one incident; and produce a statement to this effect by the Secretary of the said approved club.

2. If the Superintendent is satisfied that the application meets the requirements of paragraph 1(b) of this Schedule and that the applicant is a suitable person, the Superintendent may grant the permit upon payment of a sum not exceeding £5 provided that the sum payable by a person under 16 years of age shall not exceed £1.

3. If the Superintendent receives an application from the Secretary of the said approved Club requesting temporary permits for named individuals and stating that such individuals have been made temporary honorary members of the said approved Club for the purposes of a match or competition organised by the said approved Club and that such members are covered by insurance in accordance with paragraph 1(b) above he may grant temporary permits to cover the flying of the aircraft by such temporary honorary members upon payment of a sum not exceeding £1 in respect of the temporary permits granted on each such application.

Validity of Permit

4. The validity of the permit shall extend only to the person to whom it has been issued and without prejudice to the other provisions of this Schedule, shall cease and determine after a period of 12 months from the date of issue or, in the case of a temporary permit, at the end of the seven days in respect of which it is issued.

5. The permit shall be operative only during the pleasure of the Conservators who may revoke the permit at any time upon notice to the person to whom the permit has been issued.

6. The permit shall cease to be valid if the insurance policy to which paragraph 1(b) refers is for any reason cancelled or becomes ineffective or if the person to whom the permit has been issued ceases to be a member of a club to which paragraph 1(b) refers.

Requirements of Permit

7. The permit shall require

(a) that flying of the aircraft be restricted to that part of Wanstead Flats or to that part of Chingford Plain (hereinafter in this Schedule referred to as “the defined areas”) set apart by the Conservators for that purpose;

(b) that flying of the aircraft within each of the defined areas be restricted, as specified in the permit, to the hours between 10.30 a.m. and sunset;

(c) that flying of the aircraft on any special occasions such as the holding of a fair be prohibited by notices exhibited by order of the Conservators;

(d) that the aircraft be always kept under effective control;

(e) that the aircraft be muffled so as to reduce the noise of its engine as much as is reasonably practicable;

(f) that the permit be kept in the exclusive possession of the person to whom the permit has been issued and be produced forthwith by that person on request by any officer of the Conservators for inspection by that officer;

(g) that jet-propelled or rocket-propelled aircraft shall not be flown at any time provided that this restriction does not apply to those propelled by small reaction motors powered by a solid fuel pellet not exceeding one inch in length.